Faq Ditewimba FPR20

Is it wireless?

The robot is not wireless but is powered by a 6 meter long mains cord.

Does it work on wooden glass windows?
Yes! The robot works two and three glass windows

Can the robot work only on windows?
The robot is best suited for window cleaning, but it is possible to use on virtually all smooth and flat surfaces.

Is it loud?
The robot is as loud as two people as for a normal conversation.

Does it take all the way into the corners?
The robot takes almost into the corners, this is partly because of these round structure, the little one that remains will hardly appear when the microfiber cloths stand out and take care of a large part of the corners.

How does it stay on the window?
The robot sucks with the help of two powerful engines that create a vacuum.

What does automatically mean spray function
Automatic spray function is a unique feature that is currently exclusive on the FPR20, FPR 22 & PRF25, this means that the robot sprays a small amount of fluid automatically while working.

Can be used both water and window cleaning agent
Yes, both liquids are good to use, if the window is very dirty then we recommend window cleaning agents in the first place.

How do I wash the microfiber clicks?
Rinse the cloth after the window cleaning or wash it in a machine at 60 C without rinse aid. We recommend washing the cloths before use.

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