Electric Mop With Water Tank and Automatic Cleaning

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Imagine getting shiny clean floors in no time!

Scrubbing and waxing the floor probably doesn't seem like much fun to everyone, it can also take some time to get the floor in the whole house ready. Thanks to our electric mop with built-in water tank, the process doesn't have to take long at all.

This electric mop is built for regular scrubbing, but also waxing your floors! So run only one turn in the house with the mop cloths that are included and then switch to the wax cloths to then run the last round on your floor to bring out the floor's full potential.

DITE electric mop will never make you dissatisfied, but it gives spectacular results every time, before the party, the gathering or when it's simply time to do a lift in the house, our electric mop will always be ready for you.

This electric mop is a very modern choice of cleaning tool due to its unique functions. Our electric mop is of course wireless, a fully charged battery lasts for about 30 minutes so you have plenty of time to finish the house's floor surfaces.


Water spray function is just one of the unique functions that make the DITE electronic mop so special and affordable, just press the button so that the mop sprays water at the front edge. Spray some water from time to time so the cloths have a wet surface to work on.

Treat yourself to a clean and stylish floor that does so much in your home. Now you can finally throw away your old mop that takes so long to work with to get the results you want!

With our electric and smart mop, you have the opportunity to free up so much extra free time that otherwise goes to scrubbing and waxing with the old regular tools, use that free time to take advantage of what you want to do in life.

Technical specification:

Power (W): <500W
Function: wet and dry
Installation: Upright
Size (mm): 55.8 x 32.5 x 12.5 cm
Model Number: F528A
Remote control: No
Special suction nozzle: Effective brush
Wireless: yes
Electric floor mop: Advanced version.

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