Emergency radio - radio with crank & 2000 mAh rechargeable battery

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Be prepared in case of an emergency

We strongly recommend having a crank radio in your emergency kit. In a crisis situation, it is important to be able to receive information from responsible authorities via, for example, Sweden's Radio P4, and then an emergency radio comes in handy. Because it can be uploaded in several different ways, you can always trust that it can be used. The fact that it can also be used as a power bank and charge up the mobile phone a bit is clearly an added bonus.

  • Emergency radio - listen to P4, VMA and other important things
  • Always works - power via crank, USB, AAA batteries & solar cells
  • Reading lamp – pleasant light with a wide light cone
  • Charge the phone - even when you don't have access to electricity

Always access to radio, light & electricity

It is recommended to have an emergency radio at home in case of a crisis, war or other difficult situation. If there is a snowstorm or storm and there is a power cut, it is good to have a crank radio. Then you always have access to power.

With this radio you can get electricity in four ways:

  • Crank – charging with dynamo
  • Solar cells – helps keep the battery charged
  • Charge with USB cable and standard phone charger (not included)
  • Batteries – you can use regular AAA batteries if you want

Listen to important announcements to the public

If you have an emergency radio, you always have access to correct information, even if there is a power outage or if you are in a place where there is no electricity.

This device has three bands – FM, AM and WB. In Sweden, however, you can only use FM and AM and it is likely that you will only listen to FM. That's where P4 is and VMA - Important Notice to the Public.

The radio has a fold-out antenna for better reception.

2000 mAh battery

The battery capacity is 2000 mAh, which gives you the opportunity to listen to the radio for many hours.

When you are at home and have electricity, we would recommend that you charge the radio via USB and a mobile charger (not included). If the battery runs out and there is a power cut or you are in a place without power, you can crank.

By cranking for 1 minute you get:

  • Light for 20 minutes
  • Radio for 10 – 15 minutes

On the top side are solar cells that help keep the battery charged. Place the radio in a bright place, for example in a window, and the sunlight will keep the battery charged when you are not using the device.

Charge the phone

Thanks to the large power bank, you can emergency charge your mobile phone even if you do not have access to electricity. Just plug it in with your usual charging cable (USB).

2000 mAh is rarely enough to fully charge a smartphone, but it is more than enough to charge it enough to make calls or send messages. Just keep in mind that if there is a major power outage, the mobile network may not work either.

A crank radio is always much more than "just" a radio. Access to light is another important feature in an emergency.

The solar panel provides an extra source of energy so that you are never without power. Perfect for getting ambient light, for example at the dining table or if you want to read something.


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