Rear wheels for robotic lawnmowers

Sale price125 kr
Ships From: China
Color: plastic type


  • Fully programmable and easy to install
  • Cut up to 0.25 acres of grass
  • Cut even on slopes with gradients up to 25%
  • Virtually silent - run it at night and it won't disturb the neighbours
  • ROB comes with everything you need to install
  • Operates on rechargeable lithium-ion battery for zero emissions
  • Audible alarm to prevent theft
  • 3 durable metal blades, pivotable
  • Let ROB do the work!
10 things you need to know about this product

Yes, it looks good. Yes, it is powerful. Yes, your lawn looks thicker and greener. But we bet there are some things you didn't know it could do.

1. He is fully programmable:

You heard us right. ROB is fully programmable, meaning you can tell him how and when to mow your lawn. You can have him mow the lawn at night or during periods when you are not in the yard, so you can spend your time outside enjoying the garden, rather than cutting the grass.

2. He actually feeds the lawn:

ROB doesn't collect grass, he simply cuts the tips of the grass blades to create micro clippings that turn into mulch and feed the lawn - bonus! This makes the lawn not only greener but also thicker. Best of all, because he cuts the grass so often that you will never see the clippings.

3. He leaves no traces or notes:

Designed to adapt to different surfaces, the McCulloch ROB cuts the grass in an irregular pattern, so your lawn doesn't look uneven or marked with ruts.

Unlike other robotic lawnmowers that can leave visible track marks as they follow the boundary wire to the charging station, the ROB uses a guide wire to guide itself back to its charging station. He is also smart enough to change the distance between him and the guide wire as he follows it, to avoid creating track marks and worn grass surfaces.

4. He is sure:

Do you have pets or small children who love to play in the yard? Even the most mischievous children are protected by ROB's safety features. The rotating cutting blades stop immediately if the McCulloch robotic lawnmower is tilted or turned over. And unlike other robotic lawnmowers with fixed blades, the pivoting design allows the blade to rotate inward if it encounters a hard object.

5. He has anti-theft features:

ROB is protected. He has his own unique PIN and is linked to a specific charging station, meaning he won't work without it. If picked up, ROB lets out a loud audible scream to warn you of the danger and requires you to enter the correct PIN to silence him

6. Rob is flexible, he can work 24 hours a day:

Do you want to use your garden during the day? Or maybe you've just seen the weather forecast and tomorrow it's going to pour. Well, fear not. Tell ROB when to mow the lawn day or night, rain or shine. ROB is so quiet it can be run overnight so you can wake up to a freshly cut lawn.

7. He is silent:

Unlike gas or electric lawn mowers, the ROB is battery powered and virtually silent. This means you won't annoy the neighbors if you use it at night and you can still enjoy the garden while he's at work.

8. He is weatherproof:

Like most of us, ROB doesn't like working in the snow or during thunderstorms, but he'll happily keep mowing the lawn when it's raining.

9. He dolls himself:

When ROB feels he needs to charge the battery, he automatically returns to the charging station.

10. It's almost too good to be true:

What are you waiting for? Fire up the BBQ and let ROB do the work.

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