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The robot vacuum cleaner is a unique robot vacuum cleaner in the series Ditecleanhomba. The robot has everything you need to give you the relief you need. The robot vacuum cleaner is a really smart cleaning robot to save your time, so you can catch everyday life and enjoy life.

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Suction power: 4000 PA
Can clean up to 150-180 m²
Camera Navigation
120 min working hours

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Powerful memory card

With Turbo Navigation you clean the entire house with a push of a button, the robot has everything you need such as water tank, Navigerin and WiFi. The vacuum cleaner automatically maps the entire house with careful positioning of different surfaces so that the most effective cleaning schedule can be developed, this means that the cleaning becomes structured and more efficient.

This robot sucks

Ditecleanhomba Tubo Navigation has better suction power than most robotic vacuum cleaners

With a powerful suction effect, the robot sucks up dust, hair, crumbs, gravel, pebbles. The suction force is adjustable and you can choose three different positions based on the cleaning situation.

Diteclean homba remember

The robot returns to the charging station when the battery needs to be charged. Once it has uploaded the battery, it continues to work where the completed work last.

Cleaning of specific areas

When it has ended up debris or become stains on only a small area in the house? If that is the case, you can only mark that area into the app, and the robot is only cleaning that surface.

If it is a room that you do not want the robot to clean or for any other reason do not want the robot to have access, then you can easily and smoothly pull a block over that room in the app so the robot feels that it should not Go in there and clean.


Electro-Turbo is adapted to withstand thresholds up to 1.8cm, thanks to it being equipped with grip-friendly design and materials in the wheels.

Wet moping tank

The robot is equipped with a wet moping tank with electric water flow control so that you also get relief with wet drying.

Triple brush system

The robot vacuum cleaner efficiently collects dust, crumbs, gravel and debris, thanks to a strong suction power that together with the double side brushes and the main brush.

Compatible with Google Home & Alexa

The robot Of course have a voice control, so if you sit on the couch and feel that you can't go and start the robot vacuum cleaner yourself, you can tell the robot vacuum cleaner exactly what it should do through your voice.

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Robot vacuum cleaner Ditecleanhomba Turbo Navigation
Robot vacuum cleaner Ditecleanhomba Turbo Navigation Sale price$277.00 USD Regular price$516.00 USD
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Suction power

4000 Pa

4000 Pa

4000 Pa


120-150 m²

150-180 m²

180-220 m²





Working hours

80 min

120 min

120 min

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